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Main Themes I’m interested in

As Knowmad I do like discovering new pathways how to move forward in innovative ways. I see a huge potential in better usage of knowledge in context of real world. As humans we are overflown with big volume of instant data smog. Crucial for better future of companies and teams will be how they’ll able to understand, structure an contextualize high quality organic information. Focus on sensible knowledge for prioritized decision making is key for success and sense of teamwork.

Topics and subjects I’m interested in

  1. {looking for new partnership}
  2. Teamware ecosystems for human cooperation
  3. Education revolution and how we can actively influence positive future of our society through better team cooperation.
  4. Infrastructure improvements and cultural landscape evolution using the best inventions of mankind and nature in harmony.

And some other food for thought, books and quotes.

If interested go-on through my personal life story and inspirational ideas I do care about. Read more posts in detail at my personal blog or look for innovative thoughts and trending topics on my twitter.