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Mojmír Macek | sense of knowledge in context


Freedom, objective reasoning, creativeness, decency and radical honesty are values which I trust most. I’m Leader; Business Strategist; Knowmad; Technology Evangelist and proud father.

Experienced professional, solution guru and team leader with 25+ years of experience in the field of business development, PM, product inovations, strategy and management consulting. Evangelist of geospatial technology mainly in the field of land, operational and infrastructure management IT&BI solutions. Inspiring provocateur; advocate of ; Helping people to flowy cooperate.

I share my skills, energy, creativity, mediation and extraordinary positive motivation for joined success on large scale enterprise projects and new innovative start-ups. My focus is beamed on high impact and optimizations of resources, processes affectivity, employee’s cooperation, quality and productivity. I cooperate mainly with top managers and board members, to realise their business goals and help them to succeed using unconventional ideas, best practices, shared experience & innovative approach with help of geospatial intelligence.

I partner with managers and directors to develop, rejuvenate, evaluate and implement new ideas, strategy, identify and resolve bottlenecks and improve efficiency and help people to deeply understand information and use knowledge in context.

My projects

I have been working on top ICT projects in Czech Republic and cooperated with global major system integrators a technology providers (Oracle, Autodesk, IBM, SAP) mainly in the field of e-government solutions (agriculture, assets), facility management and utility industry. I’ve been responsible for projects with budget of 10M+ euro and systems for tens of thousands users with extensive cross systems integration.

For 20+ yeas I have been founder and business owner of Sitewell Company. Our key solution and product has been focused on land and facility management. As solution architect and product designer I’m proud for my three key projects:

  • Sitewell EIRA: teamware & collaborative ecosystem for smart people who care about their sensitive organic data in real world context; move from instant data overflow to organically structured infomations forming knowledge in context.
  • Sitewell GOLAM: geospatial operational land assets management process oriented solution for big facility management organizations
  • Sitewell LPIS: land potential information system enabling control and optimization of land use in 4D

Leaders don't force people to follow - they invite them on a journey.
Charles S. Lauer
Follow reason, not whims or faith.
Ayn Rand
  • INTJ Personality (“The Architect”)
    1. Honesty/Bravery
    2. Positive energy
    3. Engagement
    4. Reason/Relationships
    5. Meaning/Motivation
    6. Achievement
    7. Vitality

    …leads to flourishing happiness.