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My personal story

Since birth (* 1973) I grew up in a liberal family environment, learning was natural for me, homework I did on the school-bus, so I always had the chance to devote myself to my hobbies: biology, nature photography and then the main prevailing hobby: computers. Despite creative student experiments in the field of urban urban planning 🙂 and ecology, I have plunged into programming from 16 years. From the first attempts of a start-up with my brother (1993) and making software for newton liquids flow modelling in pipe networks and visualization of results and managing small business at the same time I was on university… I came to the decision to found my own company Sitewell (1996) with a capital of 150,000 CZK (5600 USD) borrowed from my dad. Thanks dad!

A have started my company as innovative start-up focused on broadening the usage of geospatial data for infrastructure management in industry grounds and utilities. We have been the first company introducing geodata collection on the web (1997), using graphics driven GUI for expo navigational web and mobile apps (1999 on PocketPC 😉 ). We have been using the first Compaq iPAQs for live geodata collection on site for waterworks (2002) etc.  Since the first orders for building and industrial property administrators in the area of ​​asset building information systems and GIS solutions for utility networks operators, we coincided with two major projects: land use management solution LPIS at the Ministry of Agriculture and process oriented assets management system ISMS for ÚZSVM as a subcontractor for IBM. Sitewell was the first company implementing full true 3D GIS for site classification on the scale of whole country (2005) based on Oracle Spatial database technology.

We have invested the vast majority of money earned back into product development of LPIS and GOLAM and also to the completely new revolutionary teamwork ecosystem Eira. The purpose of Eira teamware is to help people save one fifth of time and resources and to focus on essential 20% organic trusted information structured by rules and in context of real world. Eira is an ecosystem that enables transformation from floods of data and chaos into organized structured environment with clear co-operation rules. In Czech we call it “Stop bordelu!” – this sentence is not translatable.  Eira enables teams to concentrate on achievement of results and get out from operational overload. Thanks to Eira, you save one-fifth of all operational capacities and you can reallocate it to more important things than constant search for reliable information.

Unfortunately, thanks to my proud rejection of sale of my company in 2012 to dishonest people represented by one of the biggest czech investment banks, our competitors managed to steal both contracts and know-how, as well as people, and were able to take over near all key revenue streams of the company. Still, despite all of this, Sitewell has finished my overall executive management in black numbers. Unfortunately, the restart of the company in 2016 did not succeed due to the conceptual disputes about the marketing direction of the whole company with the new partner. Traditional concept of selling IT products worthy of the nineties and conservative inside box-thinking won, instead of the innovative teamware marketing Eira ecosystem concept…

In recent years I have been gaining experience as an external consultant for multinational companies and also in employment as division head/lead of software company in fin-tech market.

I’m grateful that I was able to meet many great captains of Czech business in my practice, but also gain a hard experience with self-centred psychopaths. In life, it’s important to learn from the mistakes, to stand up again, even if the much more powerful villains knock you down, and continue on a meaningful journey.

I wish to all people a bunch of inspirational ideas, the courage to climb out of the comfort zone/box and not to be afraid to change the world around us!

~ Mojmír Macek, knowmad from the Czech Republic

Go through my favourite themes and inspirational ideas I care about or read more in detail at my personal blog or on my twitter.

  • My mission: place where we live, as the best place for life on planet Earth thx respectful cooperation of free people

  • My vision: organisations focused on meaningful high value added client solutions, full of highly motivated and inspiring people who are able to fulfil their goals and dreams and rejoice together with honorable successes

  • Swell strategy: free cooperation that uses the strengths of each of us; good long-term strategy; aligning goals and optimizing the strengths of each team member; good supporting ecosystems and positive motivation of co-workers